Rock Climbing: The Complete Guide

Rock climbing is without any doubt one of the most popular sports in the world, it is certainly not easy but you can save a lot of trouble. However, no matter how experienced you are at rock climbing, you will have to admit that it is a very difficult sport to master. When people start rock climbing, they usually start from the indoors. This is because indoor rock climbing is much easier and is great for beginners. What is more difficult is the transition that you have to make when you want to go from indoor climbing to outdoor climbing.

  • If you are a beginner, it is most likely that you won’t have your own equipment and it is very logical. Most facilities provide rock climbing equipment for beginner that is why it is not such a huge problem. However, one thing about which you yourself should be careful are the clothes that you are wearing. The clothes that you choose when you are going rock climbing should not be very tight, they should not restrict your movements. The perfect trousers for rock climbing are yoga pants as they provide a lot of flexibility. As far as shoes are considered, any kind of athletic footwear will be sufficient, however, you can buy special rock climbing shoes but you can do that once you have started to get a hang of things.
  • There is a scale that tells you the difficulty of the rock climb, 5.5 is the easiest level and it is also recommended for beginners. The hardest level is 5.15 but it goes lower than that and they are only for professional climbers. Rock climbing is very different from mountaineering or hiking, this is because in mountaineering you have to climb slopes of almost 70 degrees, whereas in rock climbing you have to climb straight up.
  • It is very important to plan out everything before climbing. Just map out your route and slowly start to work your way up. However, it is important to have a second plan too because sometimes situations might occur when you are unable to execute your original plan. Good climbers often mimic the hand movement that are required during the actual climb and that gives them a way better insight. Rock climbing gear is also something that you should always own. The most important things that you require during rock climbing is a harness, rope, belay device, quick draws and a few more such things.
  • These were a few things that you should know about rock climbing. It is undoubtedly a very difficult and challenging task but it is also fun at the same time. You will never find a climber who does not enjoy what he does because it is simply impossible. These were only a few things that you should know about rock climbing, there are many other important tips that you can find but if you stick to these points then you will make a lot easier for yourself.

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