Climbing – Valuable Tips That Are A Must Know

Back step, Stemming, drop knee, Flagging, Mantle, Lay-backing, Side pull, Under-cling and various other techniques are there to keep you clinging on to the steep ridges of the rocks. From top-roping to bouldering – there are a number of climbing techniques that you would learn at your climbing club but before you join the adventure, here are a few tips that you should consider –

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Choose Proper Gears

Some of the most important accessories for rock climbing are snug-fit climbing shoes with sticky rubber sole that offer excellent traction during climbing, sturdy climbing helmet, high-quality climbing harness with 2 leg loops and adjustable waist belt and enough chalk to keep inside a waist pouch so that your hands have proper grip. Lead ropes, belay device, carabiner are important for top-roping. Climbing brush, trad gear, approach shoes, hangbnoard, climbing pack, crash pad and quickdraws are secondary gears which you wouldn’t need unless you are more advanced and regular climber.

Indoor V/S Outdoor Climbing

Indoor climbing on artificially built walls can be advantageous for beginners as they are available for the entire year and renting the gears can save your bucks. Climbing centers also have knowledgeable trainers and the gyms have both top-roping and bouldering facility. Besides, the routes being color-coded and clearly distinguishable, you can follow the paths according to the grade.

On the other hand, outdoor climbing lets you test your mental and physical determination while braving the challenging outdoor components like terrains, weather and other factors than can change drastically. However, you might also get to climb with a group of beginner, enthusiast or advanced climbers while venturing outdoors.

Quick Tips To Remember

After you have chosen the terrain and gears, it is recommended to determine the routes, get engaged with your core strength, keep a proper plan of your climbing, be familiar of the terms related to climbing such as “on belay”, “climb on” etc and finally, be prepared to hit the outdoors.

  • Keep the arms straight and the feet directly below your body to let the skeletons take the weight rather than straining any muscle.
  • Foot placements should be made more cautiously than hands and once placed, keeping still is the key to go further.
  • Heels should be kept low to keep maximum contact with climbing wall. Hips should be kept stable and one hip should be pushed up against wall with shoulder closer.
  • Keep communicating with other climbers on the same wall to clear any doubt, take turns and also if you are planning on a free fall.
  • Make sure to warm up with exercises like push-up, dynamic stretching, leg swing, jumping jacks, lunges, squats, wrist and arm circles.

With the above tips, you should also be patient while learning and take inspiration from advanced climbers by watching them, try not to give up easily but at the same time be prepared to fall, a lot.

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