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Holly Hendricks’ Anal Hole Habits

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Holly Hendricks video

Do not be deceived by her name. Holly Hendricks is not that “holly” as per what we see in this video. If anything, Hendricks is a habitual lover of anal sex and not a week passes before she satisfies her need. To make the matters more interesting, Hendricks has a boy friend but does not satisfy her need for anal sex. She is therefore forced to look for savior elsewhere. Apparently, it turns out that her savior is their gardener. Chris has been working for them for about a year now and for quite some time; he could feel that there was an attraction between him and Hendricks. When one day, Hendricks approached him for an anal sex project, this was like a dream come true. At first, he thought it was a prank but as soon as she stripped but naked in front of him while her boyfriend was at work, he knew straight away that he had hit the jackpot.

This continues weekly and in this video, we are fortunate that they caught their escapades on camera for us to enjoy. It starts by Hendricks’ boyfriend leaving for work, as it is his norm. Chris the gardener is doing his work before Hendricks playfully invites him to the house. What follows is a serious of heart ripping anal sex with both parties yearning for more. It is by a whisker that they missed being caught by Hendricks’ boyfriend as he comes home early today. They live to enjoy anal sex another day.

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