Training Phases for Climbing

To learn a new hobby can be very much threatening to you, especially activity or hobby like climbing. To walk into a climbing gym is totally different as if you have stepped into some new country, where you don’t know anything and anyone. But if you took proper training, you know all the techniques and equipment then it is not a big deal. In this article, I will tell you about different phases of climbing which will for sure help you a lot.


You should look for a place while climbing to which you can grab your hand and pull yourself up.


Belay means to be on the ground to run the climbing rope for someone who is on the wall climbing up.


It is when you use knee of your body or shin to pull yourself up to hold the next place. It is same as the child tries to climb on the couch, he uses his knee first.


It is climbing at the lower heights without the use of rope and mostly has a crash pad below.

Lead climb

It is to climb up a path first and to set all the guides of climbing a rope and then to set the rope which is at the top to the end of the path.

Use of legs more than arms

Arms tire easily as compared to the legs, especially if you are a beginner. Try to use the legs to push yourself up.

Learn correct knots

Try to learn the correct knots on your rope and how to run the rope properly with belay and with other supports of climbing.

Always use a crash pad.

You should also know about some of the sports climbing equipment:


Climbers wear this over their pants or shorts, and they clip all their gear to it.

Climbing Rope

Rope is expensive equipment of climbing usually costs $150. And is the most important thing for climbers. They should always be present in the bag while climbing.

Top rope set up

It is a rope which is helpful to guide the other climbers following the first climber. They are helpful for locating path.

A friend

Never climb alone. Always take a friend with you while climbing to help you if you suffer from any problem.


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