Introduction to Rock Climbing

People of nowadays want to learn new things, new activities, want to do something different from their friends and family. And when it comes to the hobby or any activity, the same case is here. Rock climbing! Sounds difficult. What is rock climbing? How can people manage to do this activity? And an interesting part about this activity is that not only teenagers and young people enjoy doing it, in fact, old people also enjoy rock climbing. This article is about the introduction of Rock climbing, that what is rock climbing.

Rock climbing, it is an activity in which different age group participants climb up, down or across the rock and sometimes rocks are replaced by artificial huge walls which are made up of rocks. The goal of rock climbing is to reach a final point which has been selected already and the goal has to be achieved without falling from the rock. You all must be thinking that how all these participants manage if they are beginners? What if they fall down? The answer to this question is that the beginners wear a rope and special coach is present to train them, and the benefit of wearing a rope is that they don’t fall down on the ground from the rock. They just slip and the rope saves them. The rope is attached on the ground.

Rock climbing is an activity and sport of physical and mental demand. If a person tests a strength and balance of the climber he also checks his mental control along with other things. This can be dangerous if you are not a proper rock climber. You should know the proper climbing techniques along with the climbing equipment that how to use them. So you should first train yourself for proper rock climbing sport. There is not only one, two or ten rocks in the world, many huge rocks are present and due to the presence of a large number of rocks they have been divided into different categories for the purpose of rock climbing. And there is not only one type of rock climbing, different types and styles of rock climbing are being used by the people which are:

  • Aid Climbing.
  • Free Climbing.
  • Bouldering.
  • Solo climbing.
  • Deep water Soling (DWS)
  • Multi-pitch climbing.
  • Sports Climbing.
  • Traditional climbing.
  • Top rope climbing.
  • Bottom rope climbing.


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