Indoor Climbing and its Requirement

Over the past few years Rock climbing has gained immense popularity in adventure lovers around the globe. More and more people every year turn to this sport to quench their thirst of adventure and to do something really challenging. But with all this thrilling experience, comes the danger of fatal injuries or getting disabled for the rest of your life. To eliminate this risk and still getting what it real feels like to climb, Indoor climbing was introduced. This version of rock climbing is very close to the real, and it totally replicates the feel. So it’s a definite try if you want to stay safe and yet do something really exhilarating. But you’ll need some equipment before you start your climb to reach the top, you won’t be needing as much gear as a professional rock climber does, but a few things they use will get the job done for you. Here is a list


Climbing is a tough job; it requires all your strength and focus. You wouldn’t want to get distracted by what you are wearing. So you really need to choose clothes that feel comfortable to wear but are not too baggy or oversized as they may cause hindrance in climbing. Clothes made from stretchable material are perfect for this activity.


Your footwear again plays a crucial part in your climb. You can’t just climb with an ordinary shoe, you’ll be needing proper climbing shoes, which provides with extra grip, and can handle the extreme stress it has to go through. They are generally made with multiple layers to give that extra bit of toughness, plus the specially designed sole make sure that you get superior grip every time your shoe comes into contact with the rock.

Climbing Harness

This has to be the most important equipment that you’ll need. This is the thing that saves you from falling if you lose your grip. You wear it on your torso and around your upper thighs. Choosing a good quality harness can make all the difference. No compromises should be made on this one.

Belay Device

This particular equipment gives you better control on your rope when belaying. It enhances the belay safety for the climber and allows him to do other things without worrying about the rope.

Climbing Rope

These ropes are speciallymade to withstand the intense strain they have to go through. When a climber loses his/her grip rope attached to harness is the gear that saves him/her from falling to the ground and getting injured.

Climbing Chalk, grip is the absolute basic in rock climbing. As going up is an exhausting task, you will definitely sweat which can make your hands wet, making your grip weaker.  To prevent this, rub some climbing chalk on your hands to keep them dry and keep your grip firm.

This is the very basic list of gear you’ll be needing to start your climbing journey and make climb to the top safe and easier.

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