Mountain Climbing: A Simple Guide

When it comes to extreme sports, there is a long list but you simply cannot complete the list without mentioning Mountain Climbing. This sport is really insane, a mixture of adrenaline rush, fear, excitement, pushing your body to ultimate limits, mental toughness, and a brutal test of strength and endurance. Although this particular sport has a high fatality rate but there are some adrenaline junkies who climb the steepest of hills ignoring all the dangers included. But if all the precautions are taken and you are properly prepared Mountain Climbing can without doubt be an exhilarating experience. Here are some tips that you can keep in account, if the adventurer in you is planning to go on a experience of a lifetime.

Educate yourself first

Before you head on to reach the top, do your research. Acquire as much knowledge as you can about the sport. It is to be noted that Rock climbing not only requires you to be physically fit but it also demands mental toughness. Read some books that solely educate you about rock climbing. Read about experiences of professional climbers to get the real picture. Watch documentaries on rock climbing to visualize the real scenario. Get yourself familiarize with the gear you’ll need. Do some research about when is the best time to climb, learn about different weather conditions, and how to asses an environment (wind speed and direction, humidity, temperature and etc). Last but not the least talk to professionals, as they are the best guides you can have.

Train your body and mind

If you are used to air conditioned offices or classrooms, if you are accustomed to easy lifestyles, and your work does not involve quick decision making, then you really need some training before you’re ready to climb. Number one is mental fitness, if you give up easily, you don’t push your limits, you easily panic, then you might not want to go climbing because while going up the hill it’s important for you to stay calm, find best solution to problems quickly, and don’t panic when conditions are not in your favor. Number two is Physical fitness, if you’re not into fitness, then you really want to add some activity, any exercise that increase your endurance and strength will work your way. Walking, running, hiking, weight lifting, skiing, snowboarding, uphill cycling all these will help you to prepare physically.

Get the gear

Before starting the journey, make a list of all the things you’ll be needing , get your list checked by a professional, buy the things, get yourself familiarized with them and you’re pretty much ready to go.

Get Training

Getting the above three points done you’re ready for training. Get yourself trained by people who really know this sport. Without being properly guided your journey can end before it even started.

Plan the climb

Up till now you’re ready to go on a climb, but you need to plan and prepare for it first. Plan your way up the hill, very precisely, and always choose the safer path on an easy path.

This guide can really help, to satisfy the adventurer in you and yet making sure that outer you stays safe.


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